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Welcome to the Life.Church store! 

Life.Church goods and apparel aren’t just products—they’re faith-building, hope-sharing, and conversation-starting tools. We pray these resources will remind you of spiritual truth as you follow Jesus every day.

We Don’t Sell for a Profit

Our mission is to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. So we’re not trying to make money selling Christian apparel. Instead, we sell our items at the lowest price possible, and any overflow goes toward the creation of more tools with a purpose. 

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At Life.Church, we believe creativity is a God-given tool we can use to share the life-giving message of Jesus. That’s why we’re always looking for innovative ways to help people grow in their faith. Our goods and Christian apparel are simply one expression of our church’s desire to help you draw closer to God.

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Fresh and Relevant Christian Apparel

Our Christian apparel is prayerfully and intentionally made to express spiritual truth in fresh and relevant ways. No matter your age or style, you’re sure to find something here that feels authentic to your taste and growing faith.

As we design our goods and apparel, we keep a few key phrases in mind. These focus phrases help us remain centered as we elevate Jesus through well-made items.


Every item we create is a physical reminder of spiritual truth with the potential to build our personal faith in God. When you pull on one of our t-shirts or hats, you can find strength and encouragement from a life-giving message

Our goods and apparel are designed as everyday reminders of God’s love.


Life.Church goods and apparel broadcast hope, allowing you to share the good news of Jesus with people you may never meet. You’ll get to display life-changing truth in the grocery store, in class, and walking down the street. You may never know just how many people are encouraged by the message of hope you display as you go about your day.  

Our goods and apparel allow you to spread hope to whoever sees the spiritual message you carry with you.


Even something as simple as a t-shirt or hat can start conversations that lead people closer to Jesus. That’s why we create a variety of well-made items that are designed to be noticed. Our items feature symbols, Scriptures, and artistic expressions to spark conversations and provide opportunities to share your faith in Jesus. They’re more than just physical things, they’re spiritual tools to help you reach people.

Our goods and apparel provide you with opportunities to reach people through life-giving conversations. 

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